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My name is Justin Franich; I lead a program that helps drug addicts and their families get free from addiction called Teen Challenge.

I blog to share all that I've learned serving the families ravished by addiction. My friends describe me as a visionary. I just see myself as someone that can see the best in a hopeless situation and speak life to those who don’t think it will ever get better.

Join me weekly for family support, incredible stories of addicts finding freedom, and personal updates as to what is happening at Teen Challenge.

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What do I do at Teen Challenge?

Due to the increasing drug addiction crisis in our country, families are desperate for hope and unable to find a good option for long-term recovery. I am committed to not only train the families to restore their confidence and equip them but also providing holistic residential care for the addict, not just to address the drug addiction but lead them to a fulfilling life. My personal experience walking out of addiction over ten years ago with no relapses has been vital in to efficiently helping the addict.

Shenandoah Valley Teen Challenge is how I do this. SVTC is part of the national network of Teen Challenge Centers.

If you or a loved one is in need of help. You can follow this link below to learn more about our residential program. "Get Help Now" 

My Story:

I fell into drug addiction at 14 years old, growing up in a Christian family this wasn’t something anyone in my family was prepared for. After five years of meth addiction and hitting rock bottom; my parents were able to get through with some “tough love” and helped me enroll in Teen Challenge.

My experience with addiction led me to help my dad launch the residential program here in the Valley. During that time we were also successful in getting my sister enrolled in Teen Challenge where she beat her drug addiction also. Getting my family back was central to the reason I now serve at Teen Challenge over ten years later. 


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