Join Team Hope and Make an Impact on a Troubled Life Fighting Addiction

Join Team Hope!

“Team Hope” is my personal invitation for you to invest in Teen Challenge: the ministry that is actively rescuing men and women from addiction.

  • This is a chance to invest in a program with outstanding results.
  • A chance to invest in a program that knows all things are possible with our Loving God!
  • Your investment help Teen Challenge successfully plan for the future.


What is Teen Challenge?

A place of refuge and learning where entire families find hope, rebuild relationships and discover God’s bright future for their lives. It’s where life’s tough places are turned into Redemption’s Story.

"I credit Teen Challenge for having an environment to allow God to do whatever he needed to do."

Austin Jackson
Teen Challenge Graudate

"I thank Teen Challenge for believing in me and no matter how bad my past, they never once judged me for where I came from."

Colleen Lamb
Teen Challenge Graduate

"For the first time in years I am happy about where my life is headed and I am excited about my future. I know I am not perfect but I now try to put God first in my life and that makes everything else seem to fall into place. "

Kevin Baker
Teen Challenge Graduate

To Let You Know About The Impact You Are Making
Each Month You Will Receive..

Testimony of the Lives That Are Being Transformed at Teen Challenge

Each Month I sit down on video and interview one of our students in the Teen Challenge program as they share their journey out of addiction. These interviews will you give you a personal view of the lives you are impacting by being a member of Team Hope.

Ministry Updates

From special events to exciting news I'll keep you up to date on all that is happening in the ministry of Teen Challenge to fight the addiction crisis. 

Make an Investment in a Changed Life

Join Team Hope and partner with us at Shenandoah Valley Teen Challenge to help men and women break free from addiction.

Join Team Hope!!!

Also as a Member of #TeamHope

You'll get free access to our growing library of addiction resources. These will be included on your Team Hope Dashboard!

Breaking the Power of Codependency

In this recorded webinar, I teamed up with Pastor John (Founder of SVTC) to deal with some of the major issues of co-dependency and how to break its hold on your life. 

How to Write an Intervention Letter

It's more than just a letter. It's a script, this video course has been so helpful to many families reaching out to get help. This process gives you some valuable insight on how to start the intervention process.

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Make an Investment and Provide Lasting Hope
for Men and Women Fighting Addiction

Founder's Team



When you join the "Founders Team" your giving each month covers the cost of five Group Studies for New Christians; the Student Manuals and Study Guides. These studies are the core of our group discipleship curriculum we use to train our residents in Godly Living.

Join The Founder's Team!

Visionary Team



When you join the "Visionary Team" your giving covers the cost to feed a student in our residential program for an entire week. Yes, you read that correctly..three meals a day for a entire week. 

Join The Visionary Team!

Mountain Team



When you join the "Mountain Team" you cover the cost of the resources we provide in the community and online. These include educating people about addiction and ensuring that those in need of help know where to turn when they are ready to change.

Join the Mountain Team!

Hi, My Name is Justin Franich. I am the Executive Director and Campus Pastor of Shenandoah Valley Teen Challenge. Where I serve alongside a family once broken by addiction to help 45 full time residents on their journey to freedom.

I have seen the worst addicts break their addiction and commit to a life of sobriety and purpose. 

I want to thank you so much for taking the time to consider joining Team Hope. I appreciate your support as we work together to help sons and daughters get free from addiction. 


Justin Franich 


P.S. If you aren't ready to join Team Hope but still want to make a one-time donation to Teen Challenge you can do that below. 

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