3 Tips on Digging Out From The Storm

addiction resources Jan 28, 2016

We have survived, shew. Winter Storm Jonas hit the East Coast with all fanfare and force that was forecasted. Some areas reported as much as 42” inches of snow, placing this storm in the history books.

I spent much of the weekend watching the storm out of the window and following many of my friends on Social Media, keeping up with their various interactions with the snow. A few of them were pretty diligent to begin shoveling their porches and driveways as the storm was happening. I watched their efforts and commended them but decided that I enjoyed my warm house and not getting snow in my face, thinking I would wait until the storm passed to being my clean-up. I ventured out of the house on Sunday morning to start digging out. After a few moments I began to realize that if I had started like many of my friends had, I wouldn't have quite as much snow to remove.

As I proceeded outside with over two feet of snow and everything covered, it was really overwhelming to even figure...

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I Just Found Out They Are Addicted

addiction resources Jan 18, 2016

You suspected that there might be something happening for a while now. You've seen the signs. Late night arrivals home after everyone else is asleep. Inconsistencies in the stories of where their paycheck disappeared to. Bloodshot eyes and irrational behavior.  Then finally you get the proof. You catch them using or you find the drugs in the car.  This is a challenging moment for any parent. When a parent finds out there loved one is addicted, the grief that is associated with this can be overwhelming. Depending on the severity of the abuse, dealing with an addicted child can leave us facing the same stages of grief as when we lose a loved one.

Denial - When you first find out and the immediate gut reaction is, "My child would never do that." "They know better."  Anything to avoid the reality of what is actually happening. This is a protection mechanism for us as humans and it is absolutely normal when we get news that is shocking.

Anger - This anger is perfectly...

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How Do I Handle Empty Promises?

addiction resources Jan 06, 2016

The phone rings, you pick up and hear the voice on the other end announce that you've got a collect call coming in from the regional jail. As you reluctantly accept the call you brace yourself to hear what you have heard so many times before. Almost certain that the request for bail money is going to come, you begin to reason with yourself as to why you should or shouldn't post bail this time around. How do I handle these empty promises I am certain to hear.

"He/She told you this time would be different."

"I could hear a greater desperation in their voice."

"Maybe they have finally reached rock bottom."

"They have finally agreed to get help."

"How is this going to be any different"

You want to believe and for so long you have been hoping that something would happen; that there would be a spark or a cry for help. Yet on the other hand, is this truly that moment? Or are they just looking for a temporary rescue from woeful behavior.

Maybe you have never gotten a call from the regional...

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Dealing With a Family Member Who is an Addict

addiction resources Dec 30, 2015

I have become a huge fan of the Dave Ramsey show over the past few years. On my way to the office this morning the podcast from yesterday especially peaked my interest. I would encourage you to take a few minutes and listen to the first 10 minutes of this podcast as you have time today. Dealing With a Family Member Who is An Addict

Dave Ramsey is well-known for his solid financial advice and that same wisdom carried over today into this advice he gives on his show to a mother that is dealing with an addicted son-in-law.

Dave gives a few clear pieces of advice here that apply well to anyone that is struggling with a family member.

So often in a family's attempts to help there is so much desperation to see change that the family will allow the addict to set the terms of their support.

This is often evident with statements like "If you loved me you would...." The addict will attempt to guilt the family member into believing that they are loving them by supporting their habit. Enabling...

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Are You Seeing the Problem Clearly

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2015

I'll never forget the last few months of my addiction. They were without a doubt the worst few months of during the 5 years that I face the problem of Meth. Not just for me, but also for the family that had cared about me through the entire time.

At that time in my life I was too self-centered to see that pain and hurt that I was causing my family. What I realize now, many years later is how much the entire family absorbs and lives the lifestyle of the addict. My parents, whom with every decision were doing the absolute best they could, often times made decisions that enabled me to continue in addiction.

Enabling is offering the wrong kind of help.

Enabling is rescuing your loved one so they don't experience the consequences of their decisions.

It wasn't until another family crisis arose that this pattern finally stopped.

I want you to ponder this scenario for a moment; my parents are dealing with one addicted adult child living at home, battling addiction, with two other adult...

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