The Importance of Connecting with Others in Recovery

How do athletes increase their chances of winning games?

What do investors do to increase the probability of earning good returns?

The answer is the same for both.

They do the things that have been proven to work.

Athletes, for example, exercise. They practice. And they eat healthy before a game. Why? Because these things have proven to be effective ways to accomplish their goal of winning games.

Investors select quality companies, consistently put money into them, and hold out for the long haul. Why? Because these steps have worked in the past.

The same is true for addicts in recovery.

How do addicts overcome addiction and avoid relapse? By doing the things that have worked in the past for others who have successfully beaten addiction.

One of those things is connecting with others in recovery. Building friendships with people who can relate to your struggle is essential. We all need others to encourage us through hard times. And overcoming addiction tends to be one of those hard times.

In fact, there are 3 reasons why connecting with others in recovery is so important.

Let’s consider each of those reasons together.

They Encourage Us Through Setbacks

Sometimes, we make mistakes. We try our best, but we mess up. While recovering from addiction, frequent setbacks can occur.

When they do, it is important to get back up and keep walking in the right direction.

But how do we do this? How do we prevent a mistake from turning into a complete relapse that lasts months or years?

By having someone to encourage us through it.

Connecting with others in recovery gives us somebody to help us through our mistakes. They are there to get us back on track. And that is why they are so important. 

They Keep Us Accountable

Other times, we don’t make the mistake. But we are tempted to.

That is when accountability can help.

When we are about to relapse, we can call someone who is walking out the recovery process with us. This is especially true during vulnerable times – a lost job, a fight with a spouse, etc.

During these times, we may want to give up and get a drink, or use again.

Connecting with others in recovery gives us someone to call who can walk us through these tough seasons rather than relying on a drug or a drink to get us through.

They Give Us Hope Through Example

One of the best things we can do while recovering is get around others who are doing it successfully. They give us a real example of the fact that it can be done.

Overcoming addiction is not easy. We can easily get discouraged and feel like we’ll never break free. The good news is that every other addict who has recovered once felt the exact same way. That’s why they can relate to us and encourage us.

They do this through example. Their story of recovery gives us the inspiration we need during hard times to develop our own stories of recovery.

All in all, sobriety is possible. And one of the best ways to make sure we do it successfully is to connect with other people who are successfully getting it done.

Justin FranichComment