John Arnold - Shenandoah Valley Teen Challenge Alumni Spotlight

alumni stories of hope Oct 11, 2018

One of the greatest joys is to get to hear stories of the Alumni of Shenandoah Valley Teen Challenge still serving the Lord several years later. 

One of our team members recently was able to catch up with John Arnold, a 2015 graduate and got a few encouraging words from him. 

For all of those that support us at SVTC, thank you. These are the testimonies of life transformation that take place because of YOU!!

Alumni Spotlight - John Arnold

For most of my teenage years and beyond I bought into anything the world had to offer.

I thought that with the right amount/combination of drugs, the right job, the right amount of money, living in the right city, the right relationship, the right friends etc. would give me happiness.

I searched for that combination for almost 10 years and never found it.

I remember my mom coming to visit me one weekend and just completely breaking down.

I had been trying for so many years to keep it together but couldn’t anymore.

I was so tired of living the way I was and desperate for change. 5 days and 700 miles later I found myself walking through the doors of Shenandoah Valley Teen Challenge.

 A Message of Hope:

“There is HOPE! Nobody is ever too far gone, God is ready and willing to help you. He loves you. It takes major changes in your life to change your life, don’t be too scared or too prideful to step out and make those changes.

Teen Challenge saved my life. I believe that if someone has truly reached a place of brokenness, is willing to change, and applies the teaching to their lives, then it will work for them too. You get out what you put in.”

John graduated SVTC in 2015 has been free from heroin for 4 years. He is now serving as the program manager at Teen Challenge Columbia, South Carolina.

“God uses Teen Challenge to radically transform lives!”

We were also able to find the  YouTube Video from John's Graduation Testimony back in 2015. 

  “God has restored my family and brought me to a place in life I never knew existed. I finally found the right combination, JESUS.”

Thanks to John for sharing his story and also to Lauren Witzke, a current SVTC  2nd Phase student for interviewing John for this article.  




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