After 19 Years I'm Finally Free | Angel's Faith-Based Recovery Story


I have spent over 19 years in active addiction. I was an iv drug user to methamphetamines, blackout drunk, and would consume pretty much anything put in front of me.

I've been to jail more times than I can count. Alcohol is usually what got me there and drugs were what kept me on probation and going in and out of jail so many times. Detox and hospitals took me in a few dozen times for fights, blackouts, and 2 failed suicide attempts that gave me over 25 stitches on my wrists.

For many years towards the end of my addiction, I was homeless pushing a shopping cart and collecting cans to survive. I was living in a state of complete hopelessness waiting to be able to go to sleep each night wishing to never wake up the next morning, but I always did.

On November 2, 2016 I was taken to Mountain Ministries in Rainier, Oregon by Glenda Thompson from M Seed Thrift Store and Outreach in Oregon City. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I slept for 7 days straight.

I found out I had entered myself into a 1-year discipleship program which was a year-long faith-based recovery program. Every single day for the first few months I cried my eyes out during worship, bible studies, and church services. I allowed God to take me over and reach into my deepest parts and start to heal me from the inside out.

The mountain allowed a safe place for me to be healed and to gain a relationship with My Savoir, my Father in Heaven, and my best friend Jesus Christ, it allowed the transformation to happen and I no longer resemble the person who walked in those doors 2 years ago. The best thing to ever happen to me is Jesus Christ...He pulled me out of the pits of hell and has given me life. 

I now have 2 years clean and sober and no cigarettes. I have a firm foundation build on the rock Jesus Christ. On October 2 I moved up to Elma Washington to Set Free Ministries as overseer of the new woman's house they just opened up named The House of Ruth. I look forward to serving Jesus and the lost and broken in Hope that they find what I've, love, relationship, and freedom in Jesus Christ.

Thank you, Jesus Christ, my Lord, and Savior.