Addiction Comes in Many Forms...

But Hope Comes in Only One...

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We are not without Hope!!

The opioid crisis is growing and there are more and more stories being shared of people getting trapped in this terrible prison that is addiction. But yet in this terrible darkness there is a light! We want to share this light with you as we embark on a journey to impact as many addicts and families as we can with the Hope of Jesus that leads to lasting Freedom from Addiction.

We are working with Absolute Altitude (A Local Filmmaker) and are in the early stages of production on a video that will highlight three amazing success stories. Each one interviewed came from a different background, battled a different addiction, and found HOPE to be the catalyst that brought about lasting transformation.

Join the waiting list and prepare to be inspired by these amazing stories!!!

Notify Me When the Team Hope Video Releases

Featured Stories of Hope

Austin Jackson

Colleen Lamb

Kevin Baker

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