Scriptures to help you stop being the victim and start setting boundaries

In our residential program we work with folks through a mentoring program called Start-Right Mentoring. In these weekly sessions our students are engaged by a mentor in a number of topics. Two of those topics are on Victim & Boundaries.

What we teach is that rather than being reactive to their circumstances we want them to be able to realize that while they cant change what is happening to them, they do have the power to change their outlook.

Often times family members are left as the victim's of their loved ones poor choices. Again we can't control anyones actions, but we can certainly make steps to not allow the actions to have as much influence on our lives. This is a very simple post with 6 scripture images to help you draw strength in these areas, I hope these bible references provide encouragement to you today.


Scriptures on No Longer Being the Victim

Romans 8:28 


1 Corinthians 1:27 


 Psalm 37:40


Scriptures on Setting Boundaries

Proverbs 3:5-6 


Isaiah 36:1


 Song of Solomon 2:7