Fun Noodle Obstacle Course - Vlog

We had a great birthday party for Chloe today and celebrated with a Fun Noodle Obstacle Course. 

We played a couple of different games with the course.

First, the two teams lined up, each person ran the entire course, came back and tagged their partner. First team to get all their members through the course win. 

Second, a relay race. One Team Member at the beginning of each obstacle. They tagged each person and ran through. 

A couple of things that I didn't mention in the video. Use duct tape for the rings. It holds them together well.

Supplies Needed

48 - Fun Noodles @ $0.98/each
22 - 1/4" round x 48" long wooden dowels -$.68/each (cut into pieces and placed in the ground to hold the obstacles in place)
2 - Kiddy Pools - $6.98/each
Roll of Duct Tape
Water Balloons

6 Sponge Balls - Sponge Ball Instructions


The kids seemed to enjoy the course and we saved the noodles to use at another party we are having later in the summer. 

Justin FranichComment